Want to Launch a New Website Fast?

You’re in the right place. Launching a website, whether this is your first site or you’re planning a total overhaul of your current brand, can feel incredibly daunting. With so many design decisions to make and technical details to figure out, it’s no surprise that you might feel totally overwhelmed. But, what if I told you there’s a way to simplify this entire process? I believe with the right tools, templates, (and a dash of magic) you can have your website up and running AND making you sales in just five days. Let’s dive in.

Keep Your Long Term Vision in Mind

Before we do anything, I want you to take a moment and visualise a day 5 years from now. If I ask you what your business looks like, how your brand has evolved and what your customers feel when they think of you, what do you see?

When launching a website, it’s not just about it working for you in this moment. You want it to become a passive business asset that is consistently bringing you sales and new clients. Think of your website as your digital storefront or portfolio – it’s going to evolve with your brand, adapt to new trends, and hopefully, expand as your business grows. The foundation you lay now will pave the way for future scalability, adaptability, and success.

All whilst not overthinking it and delaying taking action. We want to think of your business needs in the next few years or so, not a lifetime. (in short; think ahead but know that you can always change it later)

The Power of Website Templates

Website templates are a lifesaver! They cut down significantly on design time and reduce the overwhelming number of decisions you have to make. Here at Studio Designs, we’ve taken the time to craft high-quality, responsive templates that align with today’s design trends. With our templates as your starting point, you’re already halfway there. Just to give you a glimpse, check out some of our top Showit website templates – they’re both sleek and highly converting.

Showit Website Template for Coaches and Entrepreneurs
Showit Website Template for Coaches and Entrepreneurs
Showit Website Template for social media managers

Your 5-Day Website Launch Plan

Day 1: Decisions, Decisions and Action

  • Kick off your day browsing through our website template shop with a cosy cuppa.
  • Consider the main purpose of your website. Services? Blog? Portfolio?
  • Sign up for your chosen platform – and yes, we’re team Showit all the way.
  • Grab your business domain name for your custom URL – (we recommend Google domains)
  • Purchase your website template. Remember, you’re looking for that “love at first site” 😉 feeling!

Lunch Break

  • Connect your domain to your new Showit website account.
  • Add in your template share key from the instructions and get familiar with the backend.
  • Make a list of your pages priorities, we recommend the following: homepage > services > contact > about > portfolio/showcase/ > shop > everything else.
  • Start deleting canvases that you know for sure you won’t need. This will make it less overwhelming when you start customising tomorrow.

Day 2: The Creative Arena

  • Get all of your assets together; brand photos, font files, stock images, client testimonials, press features, brand colors hex codes, everything. This will make it SO much easier to customise when you have everything in one place.
  • Upload everything with the right name aka flora-event-planning-01.jpg instead of 123.jpg into your media folders.

Lunch Break

  • Add your brand colors and fonts to the design settings and watch your template transform. Particularly on Showit this is such an easy way to make a template your own before even diving deep into customisation.
  • Start replacing the placeholder images with your own beautiful brand photos.
  • Give yourself a round of applause for making it this far – you’re halfway there.

Day 3: Content Kingdom

  • If you are writing your copy yourself, start the day by opening Google Docs and create a section for each page of your site. You’ll want to focus on the outline as much as possible to make the process as efficient as possible.
  • If you want to start with a copywriting template, we highly recommend the Copy Bar by Ashlyn Writes, she has created the best prompts, sales page guides and full blown website copy workbooks to get you writing like a pro in no time. Grab your template and start filling in your content, infusing your own brand story.

Lunch Break

  • Don’t be afraid to add personality into your text. Keep it engaging, authentic, and sprinkle in some humor. – this is where your audience can really get to know the person behind the screen!
  • Take the rest of the day to write sections of your copy, one page at a time. In the evening, let someone you trust read over it for feedback. (sometimes you need a quick outsiders perspective!)

Day 4: The Magic Touch

  • Start adding in your newly written content. Ensure everything is aligned and functional.
  • Tweak and adjust any sections that you feel need some extra love.
  • Head over to mobile view and adjust where needed to create the same flow and cohesive look.

Lunch Break

  • Use different browsers to check compatibility as well as different devices to make sure everything is perfect and easy to navigate for your audience. This is already optimised in your Showit template but with all the changes it’s good practise to double check, especially since the mobile layout needs its own customisation.
  • Add in your website SEO page titles, meta descriptions and optimised keywords in the right hand side menu of Showit. A good rule of thumb to follow per page is ‘page keyword | your business name’. Example; ‘Showit Templates for Creative Entrepreneurs | Studio Designs’ If your business is heavily location focused such as wedding photography, make sure to include your location too!

Day 5: Pop That Bottle, it’s Launch Day!

  • Double check all of your buttons and click actions. Make sure every link works.
  • Hit that ‘publish’ button with flair.
  • Use the GoFullPage Chrome extension to make a full page screenshot of your home page and head over to Canva to turn it into some fancy graphics.

Lunch Break

  • Announce your brand new site on social media. (and tag us at @studiodesigns so we can share your launch and celebrate with you!)
  • Time to celebrate and do a little dance, you did it! (May we suggest the Nick Miller moonwalk?)

To Conclude your Website Launch

So there you have it—a foolproof plan to take your website from concept to launch in just five days (or more, if you need some more breathing space). Either way, you’re setting the stage for long-term success. Ready to make some digital magic? Shop one of our bestselling Showit website templates to instantly elevate your brand and make this launch one for the ages.


1. Is a 5-day website launch realistic? Absolutely! With a structured plan and the right resources, it’s totally doable. However, you want to give yourself a longer timeline if you’re working full time during the day. This launch plan is for a solid 5 days working on your site.

2. Can I adapt this plan to a slower pace? Of course! Feel free to stretch this 5-day plan into 5 weeks by completing one stage a week. We always recommend at least having a first version of your site up and running as quickly as possible to start seeing sales rolling in, and taking the time after that to tweak and perfect as needed.

3. What’s the benefit of using a website template? Where to begin! Templates not only save you massive amounts of time, reduce decision fatigue, and are more budget friendly than hiring a designer but our templates are also strategically designed to convert your audience into raving fans. (In short, they’re created to get you a highly converting, stylish website up fast!)

4. What platform do you recommend? We’re Team Showit all the way, but the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. If you’re in need of a robust e-commerce platform, go with Shopify.

5. Can I customize the template? Yes, our templates are fully customizable to match your brand’s unique vibe. Switch our imagery, fonts, brand colors and even drag and drop sections until your heart’s content.

6. How important is the ‘About Me’ section? It’s crucial! This section helps you connect with your audience on a personal level. A lot of people neglect this page and we always want to emphasise how important it is to use this prime real estate to the fullest.

7. Can I add my sales pages in the 5 day launch? You could, but only if these are the ones you want to launch first. In that case, wait with the rest and send your audience to the sales page URL only. Website sales pages need a lot of attention, particularly copy wise so we always recommend taking your time with these or working with a copywriter.

8. Can you design for me instead? Absolutely. if you’d rather not go the DIY route and you want to hand over your project to a Showit website designer – we got you. Our VIP Days are designed for you to hand everything over to us so we can bring your vision to life in just one day.

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Time to start planning for your 5-Day Website Launch. Cheers to making moves!

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