Why Showit Has Every Creative Entrepreneur Talking

As creative business owners we are always looking for the most limitless possibilities when it comes to creative freedom. When you think about your brand and website, the question on everyone’s lips usually something like: Is Showit worth it? Is it actually as good as everyone claims it to be? Well, if you’re a creative entrepreneur who’s tired of restrictive templates and coding nightmares, then Showit might just be your new best friend. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the pros and cons, features, and real-world applications of Showit to help you make an informed decision. So grab your favourite cuppa, and let’s get started.

First off all, is it better than WordPress?

When I first started in the blogging and design world (years ago now, um, and as a fashion blogger – oh how times have changed) Everyone was using WordPress. You could almost instantly recognises the WordPress template each person was using as there were only a handful of options. Over the years WordPress has significantly evolved in its design capabilities, and there are many more templates to choose from now, but you still need some knowledge in coding if you want to create a truly unique website that lives up to your brand. However, the blogging capabilities with WordPress are just unmatched, it’s the creme de la creme.

Which leads me to Showit. Showit not only specializes in unique, creative drag and drop web design and hosting but it also infuses the WordPress platform for blogging. You can have an incredibly powerful (and so stylish your audience will gasp every time they see it) website that encapsulates your brand to a T, whilst using all of the benefits that come with WordPress. So, if you’re looking for a platform that gives you the best of both worlds, Showit could be your match made in digital heaven.

The Advantages of Using Showit

Unleash Your Inner Designer

Imagine a blank canvas. Now, imagine that canvas is your website and you’re Picasso. (and yes, I want you to think that highly of yourself) That’s what designing on Showit feels like. The drag-and-drop interface is so incredibly powerful, you can let your imagination run wild and create a website that completely matches your brand and your vision. Whatever you desire your site to look like, consider it done.

Shine on Small Screens

In today’s world, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you might as well be writing in hieroglyphics. Showit gets this. Unlike other platforms that give you a half-baked mobile site, Showit lets you customize your mobile experience down to the last pixel. So, if you’re looking to capture the ever-growing mobile audience, Showit has got you covered. And a little PSA; all Showit templates in our shop are already designed for both.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Your brand speaks volumes and first impressions count. With the heightened focus on social media (for good reason) a lot of people are neglecting the very prime real estate that is their website. Not only do they lose their audience’s attention within the first few seconds but their brand often doesn’t translate over to the site experience.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t other platforms that can make your brand stand out on your website – because ultimately that’s down to you and your designer, or the website templates you choose. However, for me, Showit has allowed this process to be as smooth as possible and has created the platform for total creative freedom that’s needed to achieve these results.

Enter Website Template Heaven

Okay, are we a little biased here? Mayyyyybe. (read: Absolutely 😌) BUT you have to believe me when I say, as a web designer, I have not come across better website templates than the ones Showit designers produce, like, ever. Do we think our templates are the best? Of course. I never want to launch a product that I do not 1000% stand behind. So trust me when I say these templates have cultivated incredible results for our clients and we get DMs daily from people like you telling us how our Showit website templates have changed your business.

The thing is, your website alone does not have to be a big factor in your business, but it can be. What if you could have your own 24/7 sales person working for you whilst you focus on other tasks? That’s what we believe your website should be; a huge asset to your business.

Best Showit website templates

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What to Consider Before Jumping Into Showit

Now we have all the reasons of why I love Showit out the way, let’s talk about everything you should know before choosing it as your new website platform.

The Learning Curve: How Steep Is It?

Yes, the Showit platform does take some time and a few double espressos to feel completely confident in. Especially when you’re switching over from Squarespace or WordPress and you’re so used to their builder, you know? It’s like breaking in those new autumn boots all over again. But once you get familiar with the backend? It’s so good. Their interface is designed as a drag and drop system, much like Canva. (So um, no coding 😉) I love that I can hand over websites to my clients at the end of a project and know that they will be able to confidently manage their website themselves and make future changes without needing my support.

If you just signed up to the platform and you’re feeling unsure where to start, I suggest heading over to Showit’s Youtube channel where they have an ever growing library of tutorials which you can see an example of below. Their support is also unmatched with an entire team available to help you with the design builder at any moment. (Plus, you have us in your back pocket for support)

Showit tutorial example from their Youtube library

E-Commerce: What You Need to Know

Showit is not designed for big E-Commerce businesses. That’s just the But for a curated, boutique-style shopping experience, it’s perfect. We have our shop on Showit and integrated with Thrivecart which has been the most effective way to make sales for us.

This will all depend on your needs of course, for some of my clients we decide that Shopify is the best choice and other times WooCommerce is the go to. Most outside platforms that your products are hosted on can be integrated with Showit through click actions. But for full E-Commerce sites with a big catalog of products/skus I wouldn’t recommend starting here. Go with Shopify instead, a platform that is designed for it and has everything you need to scale.

Time & Investment: Is It Worth Your While?

Creating a custom website on Showit is like baking a cake from scratch. It takes time, but oh boy, is it worth it. The investment in both time and money pays off in a website that truly reflects your brand’s unique personality. We always say that. (and hey, want to know the perfect place to start? checkout our showit templates)

The Final Verdict: Is Showit Worth It?

So, we’ve laid out all the cards. Is Showit worth it? The answer for us is a definite yes —if you’re a creative entrepreneur looking for a platform that offers everything you need to launch a site that magnetises your audience and turns them into raving fans. The investment in both time and money pays off in a website that truly reflects your brand’s unique personality.

Are You Ready to Dive In?

Showit is more than just a web design platform; it’s a creative haven for entrepreneurs who want to break free from the constraints of traditional website builders. With its limitless design capabilities, mobile optimization, and a community that feels like family, Showit is a game-changer. So, are you ready to bring your digital dreams to life?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Showit include hosting?

Absolutely, hosting is part of the package. You just need your domain registered somewhere else (We love Google Domains) and you’re good to go.

Is Showit SEO-friendly?

Yes, it integrates with WordPress for blogging and supports all essential SEO features. Always remember, the most important part of SEO is your content!

Is Showit only for photographers?

Nope, it caters to all creative businesses.

Can I integrate e-commerce on Showit?

Yes, but it’s best for a curated collection of products. We host our website template shop on there and link it with Thrivecart – it’s such an easy set up and it works wonders for our business.

What’s the cost of Showit?

Monthly fees range from $19-34. They have 3 tiers; one basic plan, one with a blog and one for advanced bloggers who want more plugin freedom and who get significantly more website traffic. (P.S you can use our Showit coupon code by clicking the link to get your first month for free or entering ‘studiodesigns’ when you sign up)

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So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Showit and watch your website become your biggest business asset.

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